Time to get a new laptop for the new year, new purposes and new challenges. With that, I’m actually getting a headache over choosing of laptops, and having to decide if I want to get them in time at Sitex, or just get it at Funan and take my own sweet time, or get it next year in school. 


Toshiba Portege R500

This looks sinfully delightful as it weighs a mere 1.03kg, has an optical drive and has enough juice to run the things I would love to run off, with videos, music and light gaming (like really light gaming). The price is the drawback to it, at $2539 w/o gst. 

Asus F6! 

The Asus F6 is something that caught my eye while I was doing some laptop research, it’s pretty, it’s an Asus laptop, and it’s below 2kg! Not too sure about the price though, but it should be below $2000, I think. Read on HWZ that the battery life stinks, so that’s the drawback to it too. 

Asus F8!

This looks pretty good, and its going for $1798 at Sitex, with a WD 160GB portable HDD thrown in as well! The only problem with this, is that it is 2.5kg heavy with battery. After my Thinkpad, I think I’m kinda done with lugging dead weight around. Notice there are 2 Asus laptops – I just have a thing for them. Enough of the Dells, the Lenovos and Fujitsus. Hurhur. 

Choices and decisions – they are just so tiring. 

Not to mention, now I need to crack my brain on alternate travel locations. 

What say you about the laptops above? 

Going at this rate, this blog might just end up as a tech blog instead of anything else about me. Eeeeeps. 


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5 thoughts on “Laptops

  1. hui ru says:

    just get it at SITEX la, generally better deals than at funan, and matriculation prices are over for now until august..

  2. hui ru says:

    HOI WHY ARENT YOU WRITING. you’re writing blog entries instead of chapters!!!

  3. says:

    i lazy to go back sitex to get.


    no cant get laptops in sch anymore? :|

  4. huiru says:

    can, i go with you when school starts? hee. =) when you get your timetable lemme see okayy

  5. says:

    okaysss!! wheeee! :D

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