Oh my Lovely!

Presenting, the Audio Technica ES7

I have this lovely baby with me now, all thanks to the generosity of a new found friend, David!

Today has been loads fun, meeting new people, having lunch with the hunkyc and poisoning him with David’s rigs. Ran my errands, and had tuition. Loads of laughter with Nic and Angel, even though Angel didn’t have her session today.

Went to Cisco in the morning in Dad’s car, and later directed him to Bendemeer to pick up his uniforms, and he dropped me at City Hall! So proud of him, his first foray with his new car into the eastern part of Singapore. Usually he’s quite reluctant to drive to the east because he doesn’t like to get himself lost, but I directed him with the help of the street directory!

Lunch was such a fun affair. Glad the hunkyc and David had fun talking to each other while I was being utterly rude by trying out David’s rigs, which included his Mini3 and Voyager amps. I loveee the Voyager amp loads, it adds so much more to my um1! Of course, the highlight of the sharing session was his loan of ES7 to me till I deem fit to get my first set of cans, and his pair of Denons. The Denons was so good, I felt like getting a pair of home cans on the spot! The Es7 is decently bassy to be used unamped with my player, and when I’m in my quiet room listening through the Es7, the sounds are really crisp, though I prefer the highs on my UM1. The bass is fantabulous. I might just make this my first headphone buy, especially when the white/mirror one (as shown in the picture) is soo pretty. I’m going to be wearing it around pretty often, so if you guys are meeting me recently, you’ll get to see it!

The hunkyc has seen it already!

I was sooo rude during lunch la. The guys was eating, and I was happily immersed in my own world. How polite right.

Then in the exact same morning when I was running errands, David texted me to tell me I won the fortnightly lucky draw, which included a Fiio E5 and a pair of Bijous (the exact pair Brandon bought I think. Don, did you buy the #2 or #3?). To think I was still discussing with David the night before if I should get a Fiio E5 to try out and compare it to the E3, or save the money up to get something better, say the Voyager. Guess for once in a very long while, I got lucky.

Did you know, I’ve never won a lucky draw before? This was my first time!

Dropped by Jaben with David to buy my bacon salt and collect my lucky draw prize – Uncle Wilson gave me a really hard time, teasingly of course. He loves to tease me till I have absolutely nothing to say. When I wanted the silver Bijous he gave me the pink one. Thankfully he relented and gave me the silver ones. But still, I adore him all the same.

The Bacon Salt I’ve been waiting looong for!

After trying out the hickory flavoured Bacon Salt with tomato soup, I was determined to get it the minute stocks came in, and they actually came in on my first day of Genting, so I was a little worried that they would have ran out of stocks by today. Thankfully they didn’t! So I got my three bottles, and didn’t get more, despite the extra discount if I got five instead. They are pretty pricey, I was rather surprised. But given that they are imported in from USA, I’d pay that bit more.

Those coming for my closed door party, will get to try it soon! I desperately wanted to get it in time for my closed door party, they go so well with everything!

Alright I’m tired and I’ve been sleepy since 9ish when I was marking tuition work. The hunkyc has already went to sleep, I should go to sleep too. Though I’m tempted to read the sin forums on Duels as well.



4 thoughts on “Oh my Lovely!

  1. BigBird says:

    This is one blog entry which i simply dun have any onions what you are talking about! o.O

  2. says:

    Why not? Don’t I make plenty sense? POKE.

  3. joyce says:

    oh my word. my brother bought the es7 and he’s in camp now.
    but he’s hooked it up to the hifi to burn it for 300hours.

    and he got the bacon salt thing too!

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