First few days!

3 days of 2009 flew by, and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride since then.

The first day was gloooomy. Was feeling rather emo, and it worsened through out the day. The hunkyc had to make it worse, but I sorta saw it coming. No matter, he owes me his brains now. Let’s just keep the secret between the zombie and the cat, shall we. The zombie is hungry for cat brains, despite its puny size. Teehee.

And so, a chapter in it closes.

Yesterday was a fairly interesting day. Can I count it as Day zero of my new beginning? Went to NIE to register, and managed to drag Roo there with me in the morning. Had breakfast, and the poor girl was suddenly overcomed by severe stomachache. She looked deathly pale (despite her tan) and she was breaking out in cold sweat, really bad cold sweat. :| I was pretty freaked out honestly, I had no idea what to do! Hums. We moved on after she felt better, and while queueing up for registration, I was trying to spot familar faces in the queue, and suddenly I found Zhang Qing in line!

How coincidental! (: Talked to her for a fair bit before going back to Roo, settled everything in what, less than half an hour, got the goodie bag and moved off to explore NTU for a bit, she bumped into her colourful roomie whom we talked to for abit, went to the computer shop for me to check out the laptops (droooools crazily at the Toshiba R500) and made our way out of NTU to Jurong Point for shoppping!

I wanted to do shopping for some retail therapy, so we did! I bought a pair of flats, a nice pretty cotton dress, a striped belt and a baggy top to add to my wardrobe for school/outside wear, plus some crazy assessment books for B&R (whom I met today) and lugged them all home, for a quick respite before going out to meet Szemin for dinner!

Dinner and meeting up with Szemin was greaaaat. We went to this book cafe slightly off Mohammed Sultan road, it was cozy and comfortable, but the reading section was closed for a private function for a while. We did take a quick peek into the cushy reading sections and we were soo tempted by the books and the sofas, though we came to the same conclusion that there weren’t enough books. The food was pretty decent, slightly on the pricier side, but if you were to count in the ambience and surroundings, I would gladly pay for it, for a nice quiet Friday night. We slowly walked back to school via the Liang Court (where we stopped to check out X’pect to see if they were still open – I have an appointment there tomorrow noon, courtesy of Szemin’s introduction to her hairstylist Titus Lian, highly recommended on the forums as well! I need a miracle to save the current hairstyle, seriously.), then we slowly walked back to school to catch our buses home. Liang Court has plenty new stuff – maybe I’ll convince the cat to go to Liang Court and hang around there next Friday – I’m still craving slightly for ramen. Marutama, cat? (:

Caught up with Kangrui today for brunch (second Macs breakfast in two days!! Gasp.) She was telling me her stories about her job search, her friends and how she was flipping out over the release of Olevels results. Rumour has it – it is coming out on 12th Jan. Let’s just sit and wait, I’m hoping for good news from her. (: She brought me to her cousin’s place where I met the new boys, B&R and it was a rather interesting experience. I think they’ll need some time to warm up to me before the little monster bares his claws and shows his true colours.

For now, I’ll be just fine with his mild behaviour. I had better enjoy it while it lasts.

Orientation next week, my timetable for January looks emptier than my orientation week. Timetable for February looks pretty weird, 4 day week with just 2 hours each day. If you can find me in March amidst my school, work and nonexistant social life, breathing and surviving, you’ll be one hell of a lucky person. April and May should be slightly better, but not as good as Jan and Feb. By then, one semester would be nearly over, my 24th birthday would be approaching and the June holidays would be here!

I won’t be able to travel from Jan to May, I should plan something for June. I have 4 full weeks to play around (and join the peak season for travelling) before practicum starts in Term 3 of July. 10 weeks of practicum, a few more months in NIE and then it’ll be December once again.

Then, the real work starts.


2 thoughts on “First few days!

  1. hui ru says:

    i shall go out for lunch with you one day before tuition with them and go say hi =P still thinking of whether or not to give them name stickers.. i haven’t seen liang court since last dec when they were still doing renovation — wonder how it is now? you can always hope the little (but adorable) monster grows up abit and stops being a monster. you have the whole of term3 as practicum =P and about 6 weeks more of NIE after that apparently.

  2. says:

    hahaha sureee lunch! but it has to be early, cuz tuition starts at 12. :P Would boys like name stickers?!

    Liang court has plenty stuff now!

    I’ll bite the little monster. grin.

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