New Hair!

Omigosh. I love my new hair – it’s friggin’ short. Seriously really damn short. My tuition kid doesn’t like me having short hair, she said she prefered the old me with long hair. 

This is the second time in less than a month that I went to cut my hair. The first time was a horrible horrible mistake. It looked all nice when properly washed and blown dry with a curler, but I have absolutely zero expertise at that, and hence I hated the first haircut. I tugged at it whenever I spied myself in mirrors, or reflections, hoping that the natural curls would disappear miraculously, but they didn’t. 

So when I spoke to Szemin on Friday (she thought I hadn’t cut my hair in ages), she recommended to me her hairstylist, Titus from X’pect (previously from Next @ HV) who adores cutting short hair. We made the appointment on Friday evening when we hung out, the appointment was for today at noon. Was a little hesitant in walking in, because it’s one of those looming studios that look so posh on the outside, and expensive as well. 

Well, for a $50 director’s cut by Titus, it was pretty pricey, but I absolutely adore the outcome. I told him I wanted him to salvage the situation and to try and give me a cut that will allow me to roll out of bed and get out of the house (yes thankyou I am that lazy in case you couldn’t tell) and he laughed. Szemin dropped by to hala bit with Titus, and we all had plenty good laughs during the haircut. His ah boy gave a wonderful head massage while washing my hair, and god I really miss having such wonderful massages. Remind me to go use Amore’s massage voucher soon, like really soon. My entire body is craving for a massage. 

Titus is so funny, yet wonderfully skilled. He totally made me feel as ease, crapped plenty with me, and yet at the same time, he also walked through with me what he was going to do with my hair, how he was intending to salvage my pitiful messy hair. 

Loved the final outcome, especially the part where his ahboy blew dried my hair for me, without using a brush, to prove that this new hairstyle is really easy to maintain, and it doesn’t matter if I have zero skills in blowing my hair, because they will automatically fall into place. 

Tralala. Hops around. Wonderful. If anyone wants/needs a haircut, he is an absolute try. (:

Lunched at Tampopo Deli myself, and indulged myself in their unagi don, and wayagu beef ball. YUMMMILIOUS. Wanted to get the cream puffs and puddings for the family as well, but they ran out of the puffs, so I had to wait for the next batch that came out at 2pm. Only 40 are made each hour, and people were waiting outside the deli at around 1345. Finally got my puffs, got my puddings, and took a leisurely walk down from Clarke Quay back to Cityhall to grab the bus home. 

If only Ling had told me she wanted to go on a photoshoot, I think I would have made her come down to Clarke Quay for the photoshoot with her dslr. I want a dslr. Wails. 

Today has been a comfy good day, I shall go read my books, watch some tv, and rest in preparation for the coming orientation week. (:

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