Tired Aching

My legs love my bed, my butt loves my bed, I refuse to get off my bed, my main PC is used as a teevee screen to watch tv, and my newest baby is on my bed for me to surf the net, download the necessary programs to tweak it to my usuals, and for me to blog.

I am aching hell bad, all thanks to the teambuilding/heritage race we had today. I swear, the amount we ran today, was as good as a gym workout on one of my usual days. We were walking and running all over the place, I am so tired of standing on my feet. I love my bed too much tonight to get out of it.

However, things have been pretty good so far, been spotting old friends and classmates along the corridors, chatted with strangers at the oddest places possible (like waiting in line to buy our course booklets) and becoming friends from there, meeting random course mates by chance, and knowing my orientation group people! We had tons of fun today, despite the tiring and punishing schedule. They’d be my gesl mates by any chance as well, so I’m guessing it’d be pretty fun too.

They deprived us of lunch today – omg. I nearly died when they offered us sandwiches and hotdog buns to take away and eat on the buses when they transported busloads of us to our various heritage locations, we ended up in Little India. Thankfully we had our indian counterparts to smoothen our way through the little india part of the race.

It was pretty amazing, because I haven’t been to Little India for a very long while, and our fellow indian team members haven’t quite been to Chinatown, so we were actually asking each other questions about each others’ cultures! I guess that was quite the point, wasn’t it. Teehee.

I’m so tempted to sleep early, again. In fact, I’ve been sleeping early for the past few days because I have been just so bloody tired. :| It has been a tiring week. I need to get started on readings, I shall do them over the weekend. Or rather, I shall do it on Saturday. Sunday is reserved for fun! So is Friday, for the later part of the day. Should I do ramen @ Central with the cat, or convince the cat to check out Blu Jaz Cafe @ Arab Street with me? Contemplates.

NB: I am trying to find someone to watch RED CLIFF 2 with me. The cat doesn’t want to because he never watched Part 1. Let me know if anyone is interested yea? If not, I shall contemplate watching it alone, during off peak hours on one of my free days at Jurong Point. Or maybe I could go look for Benson. Continues to contemplate. LET ME KNOW!!


3 thoughts on “Tired Aching

  1. bubbles says:

    Blu Jaz will be nice to chill out at! :)

  2. TeE says:

    Eh you! You also 加油 wor! And yea, sleeping early is better tha sleeping late. :P

  3. hui ru says:

    i didnt watch the first half either. who you watch the first half with, benson right? tag benson!

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