is tentatively an empty day, till March comes and I have a 2 hour lecture in school on Mondays.

Till then, its free and I wallow in loneliness at home, wondering what could I be doing. On hindsight, I should have checked course resources a little earlier, to find that I do have readings for my Friday morning class and I could have gotten it out of the way instead of feeling down and lonely and a little sad.


It has been just a lousy moody day, with greyish clouds in the brain matter.

Argh. Argh. Argh. The blinking cursor stares back at me, as I contemplates what to do tomorrow. Class in the morning, followed by CL @ Amore in the early afternoon. I should just go home, put my stuff down before leaving the house again, right? Or I could lug everything out in the morning, and attempt to find some corner and do my readings.



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