Coke or Pepsi.

Small random things strike me as the day goes by, and I’d want to jot them down and talk to people about it. However, by the time I get home, it usually slips my mind and I usually get more preoccupied with other things, like watching teevee. As such, these small little interesting tidbits that popped into my grey matter earlier, dissolve in the whirls of other thoughts and activities.

Comfort Shopping & Comfort Eating

You should never let a depressed me wander around in bookstores. I have a tendency to go stationary shopping, as comfort shopping. We all know, when people get upset and depressed, they tend to indulge in comfort activities like sleeping the day away and pretending that the issues are actually non issues, or they tend to go on wild shopping sprees. I do that too, but on top of that, I indulge in comfort eating and comfort shopping.

Since I’m on an extremely tight shoestring budget (i.e. if you intend to get me out, please find something cheap to do, or just meals to catch up with me would be fine) and was quite depressed this morning, I decided to seek comfort food and comfort shopping.

Let’s start with the comfort shopping first. All I wanted to, was to get highlighters from Popular (only to realise that I didn’t quite had to get new ones when I got home) and I ended up spending nearly 20 bucks on stationary, including 2 sets of plastic folders, 3 files (grey, orange and purple), 2 pens (1 uniball 0.38 & 1 pilot G2), 2 Clean markers (yellow & reddish purple), 2 highlighters (1 yellow and 1 orange uniball), a new plastic holder for my not-so portable pencil case ( I travel with too many pens and whatnots), and finally a small ezlink holder because my card is fraying and I want to preserve it in a better state. Out of all these, none of them was actually necessary. Maybe the plastic folders and files were required but not essential. I had highlighters but I lost track, because I always lose track of how many pens I have. One should never attempt to make me count the number of brand-new and unused pens I have. You might want to kill me.

People spend on clothes in their shopping spree, I do crazy stationary shopping sprees. I had already tried to control myself, because I knew that I’m on a very tight budget, at least for this week. I should not even attempt to ask anyone out, because that simply means spending extra cash on my side.

Then, I went to hunt for some comfort food. The minute I got off 199 at JP, I wanted to get a small bite at OCK, but I restrained myself. Somehow, OCK cravings seldom haunt me anymore, thankfully. Maybe because it’s too oily, and I usually tire of it after a few bites. So I walked away. Went around the eateries looking for food that called out to me (oh I do believe that food calls out to me – this is called mutual craving. So says the nutcase.) None of them called. I was craving for Jap actually, went by the takeaway counter outside Kuriya and looked at the mixed sashimi don, unagi don and salmon sashimi don. They didnt look satisfying, somehow. I so wanted the bentos and dons at Tampopo Deli, if they had an outlet here, I would have bought that in a snap. So I walked away, again.

The lunch crowds were starting to come in at JP, so I decided to just go for the most basic comfort food for me, good old fast food. Decided to get KFC off the Blk 502 market, and walked home from there. Since I was about to take in something entirely sinful, I decided that it was in my best interests (both physically and time) to just walk home and savour the oily juicy parts of the chicken, and imagine that I was eating popeyes. Lousy replacement, but better than none.

Coke VS Pepsi

As I was walking home, I was sipping on the dripping Pepsi that came with the KFC meal, and a thought occurred to me. Given a choice between Coke and Pepsi, which would I choose?

It is common knowledge that if you have Coke at a F&B outlet, you would not expect to see Pepsi. It’s usually one or the other, so I don’t have to worry about choosing between either, usually. Some people have claimed to be able to tell the difference between Pepsi, and Coke – with WikiVS claiming that “Pepsi tastes sweeter than Coca Cola” and “Coke has more carbonation than Pepsi, depending on the region we’re in.” Pepsi has done the Pepsi Challenge, putting people to the blind taste test of trying both Pepsi and Coke, then deciding which drink is more favored, just by tasting. Apparently Pepsi came out tops over Coke, but Coke is still generally more popular with the masses, especially in our regions. It has been said that within US, Coke and Pepsi have a very strong two-some hold over the market.

So which would you choose, and why? Let’s do a poll!

I was supposed to start reading Ed Psych – I got carried away blogging. Can I take this as preparation for ICT? ICT requires me to start a blog, so you’ll see me starting a new blog for work purposes real soon! hurhur.

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7 thoughts on “Coke or Pepsi.

  1. TeE says:

    Actually, the blind test is unfair – the sweeter drink will generally taste better if one takes the 2 samples one immediately after the other.

    It’s like eating very sweet butter cookies and tasting your milo drink after that. The milo will taste bland. Alternatively you can try with 3 samples of milo – one with less sugar, one with normal amount of sugar, and one with a little overdose of sugar, and drink them one after another (you may want to randomise the order a little).

    Ok… enuff of my little theories… :P

  2. says:

    HAHA. Actually, I agree with that! Though I did youtube some of the blind test challenges and most testers did “wash” their mouths with plain water before trying the second one.

    But the amazing thing is, people can distinguish between Coke and Pepsi despite the blind test, and choose Coke as their favoured drink! According to them, Coke has this sharper grittier taste that makes it more “shiok”, as we would put it. :P

  3. TeE says:

    Actually, the difference not that difficult to discern…it’s kinda hard to describe in words though.

    Coke does taste a little different across various parts of the world also. Singapore’s is very gassy. I find it pretty hard to digest without ice, compared to my exp in China or Turkey.

  4. hui ru says:

    you can donate some unused stationery to me! i prefer coke, but only like mac’s coke. somehow it tastes smoother. vanilla coke is tops though.

  5. bubbles says:

    haha!i contributed to the can’t tell the difference. Point being I can’t tell the difference between fat and fat, or unhealthy and unhealthy.

  6. says:

    @ Tee: Yea Coke is bit hard to digest without ice, for some reason. But Coke in China or Turkey is nice without ice? Interesting. Mms.

    @ Roo: Are you sure you want my ugly unused stationary? :P Vanilla coke just tastes weird..

    @ bubbles: both are equally fat and unhealthy, but equally shiok, but some might beg to differ! :D

  7. hui ru says:

    if its unused, and usable, why not. i can always find a use for it. I LIKE VANILLA COKE OKAY.

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