School life

It is damn frustrating when the baby doesn’t want to work well outside the house. Im starting to think that my baby might be shy. Urgh. Either that or it is thinking that wireless networks are intruding into its privacy, as such it doesn’t want to allow access to these instrusive wireless networks.

However, when I don’t attempt to use too much of the bandwidth on my baby, it works perfectly fine! I finished the blog entry required for my edublog (it is updated!) while waiting to meet ST for dinner before we move off to the meeting at Pioneer CC. Apparently I read in one of my emails that I have to go for a treasurer’s course in Feb. Urgh can I tell them to waive it by waving my degree in Actg in front of them? No time to spare ah! I still have readings not done, and work not completed.

I’m enjoying the company of my english tutorial group – they are a fun bunch of people and we always have fun in class. I’ve been grouped with the group who has Lit for their other CS and so far it has been a pretty fun ride! We try to get each other to hang out together for meals (though I admit I run off for gym half way in between class) and we all so happened to go home together (i.e. take 199 out together) after our various classes today. Our timetable is pretty similar, so we see each other around quite abit. ICT has been fun too, especially today’s mad scramble on finding project groups to work with and putting our names down for the presentation date.

It has been a pretty long while since I’ve had such enjoyment that’s not related to close friends. Moving on, yo? Life has been treating me pretty fairly for now, meeting nice new people, hanging out with new friends and still keeping in touch with old ones. Though there are some old friends that I haven’t been seeing much of. Peanutpeanutpeanut for instance. And Szeyi! There’s Brandon too, whose season just ended, and has to wait for 3 months for his next season to start. Hmms. I need to make time for people!

But like I was telling the cat, it feels nice to feel busy, occupied. To be able to see something in your life and work towards it, going for classes, knowing new people, enjoying lessons for now.. It can be tiring at times, but I think its just a matter of regaining the stamina and finding the momentum. Quiet moments with self can be stolen like this, when I sit at a cafe and listen to Cook/Powter in the background, and blogging away on the baby.

Speaking of that, somebody got his new baby yesterday too hor – can’t wait to fiddle with the Zen X-fi. HAHAHA.

I’m still waiting for ST to appear. He said he’s going to reach by 7, but I don’t see him anywhere in sight, though I know there’s 5 minutes left. I shall continue to wait, surf the net and feel blessed. (:


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