I heard on the forums that ESW10 is running out of stock. The limited edition is running out of stock!

(runs around in crazy circles trying to think of an idea to lay my hands on a pair of it)

I was supposed to be reading notes yesterday night but I got carried away talking to Uber, a forumer who has a pair of cable cooked ones. Envious. I’m addicted to the idea of having a pair of it. I swear, I lay my hands on it as soon as possible – that is, when I have the money. Maybe I should take this low-finances time to go audition them, somewhere. Don’t know if I have the time to make it down to Jaben. Maybe Friday maybe Friday, when I have a seven hour break in between.

Monday was Monday-green, Tuesday was Tuesday-orange!

Yesterday was good, maybe because I had a really good sleep on Monday night from 10ish all the way till 8ish the next day. Went for a full day of class, gym then class again, before rushing down to meet Nick. Felt nice, felt good. Hung out abit with classmates, got to know them better and found that one of them is an audiophile as well! He took the 5 hour break in between to go down to SLS to hunt for 2nd hand amplifiers, but he bought a 1st hand desktop amplifier instead!

Uber has been putting bad ideas into my head – he was suggesting the Pico with the ESW10.

Nick has been doing well so far, let’s hope he can keep the steam up. Hums. Wednesdays are nice days. Though I have a straight 4 hour class, it means that the weekend is just around the corner, with Thursday as a free day so far, and Friday with such a stupidly spaced out timetable.

Onwards to the CNY weekend! :D


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