Jaben, or Stereo.

I have a crazy (maybe?) 7 hour break in between classes tmr. I can actually go somewhere, go home then go out again. Madness, isn’t it. No plans for tomorrow night though, looking at the crazy time I’ll end – potentially 7pm in school, if we get lucky and the session end slightly earlier.

I’m wondering what I should do tomorrow during the 7 hour break, I think I’ll pop by either Jaben or Stereo to test try headphones and amplifiers. Yearning to try the ESW10 + Pico after talking to Uber that night. 聼聼就好,反正現在也沒錢買,讓自己爽一下。Going back to Jaben means I’m going back to somewhere familar, and it means I’m travelling down to City Hall. I can actually meet people for lunch first! Or, go Jaben and test, and have discipline to drag myself away to meet people for lunch. Alternatively, I can try going up northwards to Stereo, and try out their services there. David did mention that their style is slightly different from Jaben, but just as friendly.

So, now lies the question – Jaben or Stereo?

I know I should be doing Ed Psych readings, or doing up the meeting minutes from CSC last night, but I can’t help but surf the forums on headphones. Hands very itchy, am contemplating getting a JVC non portable that is cheap and comes highly reccomended by people. Jaben has started to sell them too also!


Edit: Decided – I shall pop by Stereo tomorrow! Wheeee!

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