Am so poisoned to the core. Absolutely to the core.

Came back from Stereo a while back, and I am 150% convinced that I’m getting the ESW10 – first or second hand. Die also must lay my hands on one pair of it. The Stereo people were really friendly, and I learnt quite abit from the guys there! He was naming the different amps that could potentially be paired with, and how they will each change the sound of the ESW10. Too bad they didn’t have the Pico, or I would have gave it a try, Uber said the Pico was worth trying. The iQube, didn’t wow initially, but I think I didn’t audition it enough.

My iPod was running out of battery, can you imagine. Urgh. I nearly wanted to kill mself when the battery bar was perpetually in the red. I couldn’t let go of the ESW10. The jazz pieces were amazing, and when I paired it with the Viper for a very quick while, there was a wow moment. I tested it with Queen’s Don’t stop me now and the soundstage, the colouration was phenomenal.

They got me thinking about LODs (line out docks) though. I paired it for a while with my E5 and UM1 and it significantly improved the quality of the music by quite alot. Main reason being the line out dock bypasses the opamp inside the iPod (which is terrible and incorrigible) and the music signal doesn’t get distorted by the amplifier inside the iPod. Might get a silver LOD sometime later, may scour the second hand forums for that.

Did I mention, I reserved a pair of JVC HA-RX700 from Kon on Jaben forums, picking them up next Wednesday – and this pair of cans is only going for $55SGD! It’s a week old pair of second hand cans – Kon felt that it was not dark enough for him, which should suit me just fine given that I prefer more balanced and neutral tones. Wheeee! Am looking to get a DAC for the laptop, and the occasional home use. The baby has absolutely terrible sound quality – it could be due to the speakers, but I’ve been looking to get a GoVibe or an Ordance DAC, so it should suffice for now. The Zero DAC can wait a while longer.

New lovely next Wednesday!

This is all so purging-of-wallet-ish. I need to look for protectors to protect the woody cans of the ESW10, and a casing for it when I wear it outside. I’m damn well going to bring it out and enjoy my music on the go with this yummilicious portable can.

I think you all will faint when you hear the price tagged to it. Eeeps.

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5 thoughts on “Deliiiiicious.

  1. joyce says:

    my brother has the JVC HA-RX700 and he paid $61 for it!!

    u win!! haha

    • na says:

      @ JT: Cuz I’m buying it off a fellow forumer. Now I’m quite sure your brother frequents the Jaben forums – that pair has been a hot topic on the forums the last two days!

  2. joyce says:

    hehe maybe u two know each other online too!

    happy CNY =)

  3. na says:

    HAHAH. Maybe.. help me ask him whats his online nick in the Jaben forums? Teehee.

  4. joyce says:

    he say it’s lkraie.

    hoohoo have fun visiting people! =D

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