Awww tonight was such an enjoyable night! HOOONK.

This is the main reason why I keep HONK-ing. This closing musical for SMU Arts Fest was utterly delightful! The cat and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and the cast was pretty stellar! We agreed that the females in the ensemble were alot better than the males, but the three leads were fantabulous. The ugly duckling was soo geekly cute at the beginning. LOLS. Directed by Sebastian Tan (the main reason why we were there), I could see traces of the local musical productions similar to the ones I’ve watched over the past years, and I must say, for an amateur performance, they did splendid!

Well done! :D

My only complaint, it was a tad long – I was craving for dessert and I was hoping it wasn’t a full length musical, but alas by the time it ended it was 10:45pm and by the time we got out to civilisation (aka out of Victoria Theatre) it was nearly 11. Since I have to get to Ling’s place by 10ish tomorrow, I scraped the idea of popping by MacDonalds for their 60cents icecream. But I’m hungry noww – we had Sushi Tei for dinner (as usual) and I had one hotate (yummmmmmmy), a rainbow roll (6 pieces of sushi) and 2 pieces of salmon belly sushi. I’m hungry now. Hums.

Tonight was really nice though, meeting up for dinner and strolling over lazily to VT for a musical. Now I simply can’t wait to watch 天冷就回來 again coming April, and swooon over George Chan again. Szemin told me she’s skipping 天冷就回來 to go watch Design for Living (華麗上班族之生活生存) which is starring 张艾嘉 與 郑元畅!! OMG super bo jio can! Or rather, by the time she told me about it, tickets are already almost sold out and I have tuition the very same afternoon.

Oh sigh.

Nothing else during the Huayi Festival looks interesting, I’m still awaiting more acts for the Mosaic Festival to come along, before I decide if I should start jio-ing people to go for any. Time to go surf Sistic for abit, before I go to sleep and hopefully wake up in time. Hurhur.

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