Back to School – again.

Feels weird to be going back to school after such a long break. Effectively, I decided that my break started last Thursday because the Friday classes were nearly inconsequential to begin with – ask me why in person. It’s almost a week since I properly touched any work at all, since I got my work on the other blog done while waiting for the CSC meeting last Wednesday. This week is going to be a pretty easy week as well, especially when I have the evenings free to myself, except for Friday when I’m gonna be meeting Peanutto Chan to chilll. Haven’t seen her for a gazillion years and more.

This CNY has been an interesting one, with me running to the toilet 4 times an hour on the first day, and meeting SY for movie and dinner and girltalk/shopping on the 2nd day. Avoided visiting for particular reasons that most of you should understand, and it has been a pretty peaceful one since then. There are still follow-up activities, especially when my families are big and two days of CNY is not enough for the visiting that we usually do. As we speak, my parents and sister are out visiting again, while I stay at home to get ready for class later at 130pm. I already got off lucky, my EL class was cancelled today, if not I would be on my way to school by now.

Speaking of that, I wonder if Roo went for class this morning. Tralala.

Bride Wars was funny, and heartwarming at times. There was this statement made during the movie at some point in time, towards the later part that got me thinking.

Some time in life, you’ll find somebody who will always be there for you. It may be your partner, but it may also be the little girl who grew up with you.

Have I found that someone yet? I don’t know. Time will tell, I guess.

Am picking up my headphones later this evening, and meeting Weihan for supper! Hahaha he’s cabbing over to my place, I think the prata place should be open 24hours, as claimed by my parents. We’ll see about that. :) In the meantime, I should hunt for some food, I’m hungry, and I have to settle lunch myself. No more porridge, hurrraayyy! :D


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