Windows 7

Did you hear, Windows 7 is landing on our shores really soon? It’s a replacement for the highly criticised Vista, which has plenty of issues (many of which I won’t deny). Windows 7 is claimed to be something developed by developers who listened to us, and came up with this sleeker, and simpler Windows 7.

I’ve heard many of my friends complain about Vista, complain about Office 07. Now, faster than you saw it coming, Windows 7 is expected to be launched by 2010. Windows 7, is moving drastically away from XP. It might be vaguely similar to Vista, but I saw huge differences in the videos online. Granted, people are going to start complaining that Win7 is as usual, copying the Mac OS – but come on, give credit when it’s due. If its graphically stimulating and they are acting on our feedback that most people out there want something similar to the Mac OS, they are giving it to us, right? But thats not my main point of contention here.

Online reviews have been good, and I’m downloading a copy of the beta so that I can test it out for myself on my baby (provided I can find the backup windows vista installation – I hope). People – it is time to move on. You can say that Vista was buggy, too many UI issues, Office 07 may look different, feel different, as such you don’t like to use it and you’d rather use Office 03. However, technology is moving on, way faster than we expected them to. We can’t keep staying in the world of the revolutionary Windows XP simply because we’re used to it. Everything has a learning curve, everything changes. Like it or not, XP will be phased out and you will have to learn to use the latest OS sooner or later. You’ve got to climb that mountainous learning curve sooner or later, so better sooner than later, isn’t it. If you’re accustomed to Vista, then you’ll probably have less of a learning curve than one who has stuck to XP for the last gazillion years (yes I’m exaggerating, on purpose).

Frankly, I haven’t had much of an issue with Vista for the last 2 years, but that may be because I’m not a programmer or developer, and I will admit that sometimes the amount of clicking I have to do, just to change something small, is crazily silly. But I’m game for more positive changes, and if plenty of online reviews make Windows 7 sound promising, I’ll upgrade if it means it’ll reduce my UI issues and the amount of clicking I have to do (which by now, you should have sensed my sarcasm).

I’m not urging people here to go try the Beta Windows 7. I’m just appealing to people to give new technology a chance, be it Windows or Apple.

NB: Microsoft did not pay me to do all these, I’m just damn tired of all the whining that Vista sucks, Office 07 sucks because people can’t find things they want to use. Learn people, learn. I hyperlinked all my Windows 7 phrases, directing them to the main site. So if you got irritated with my ranting and decided to click on it, go see it for yourself to see if you like it, lest you come back and tell me I tried to stuff it down your throat and you hated it.


2 thoughts on “Windows 7

  1. bubbles says:

    I agree! You know after using Office 07 for nearly 2 years now, I think that the functions are really a lot more intuitive than Office 03. At work when colleagues see me use 07, the first expression is “eh why look so different one?” Then when they see me click around the reaction goes to “eee why so complicated de?”.

  2. na says:

    yeaaaaaa. I totally get what you say. There are people out there, not trying but dissing it all right away immediately. :|

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