(Something that both the Cat and I would appreciate!)

I was supposed to sleep nearly an hour ago, was so damn tired that I really couldn’t take it. But the work that had to be done was glaring right back at me, sending out the invites to other classmates to invite them to our group wiki for them to critique our work, setting up the yahoogroup for ourselves for ease of communication, checking and reading up on our group wiki to make sure that everything is looking good and ready to go, and trying to remember the scrap pieces of admin work that I have to do in order to clear things up. I have yet to do my reflection on my ICT this week, I should get going on that tomorrow morning.

Am so drained after the whole of today, like I was telling Peanut, today was the longest day I’ve spent in school thus far and that meeting was one damn long one – almost 4 hours! I haven’t had such an inefficient 4 hours long meeting ever since my beginning years in SMU! Dear goodness. Dinner tonight was niceee, and I finally had a touch at Borders on new books, and smelling them. Grisham has a wonderful new book that looks utterly enticing to me, and I bought Peter Cincotti (the CD, not book) just a few days ago!

Re-organised the yahoomail and found really old documents like old emails that was sent during JC times in preparation for Interact Installation, proposals for installation and an Interact teeshirt that never materialised. I wonder where did our design went. Hurhur.

I better get off to bed, my eyelids are really heavy and tomorrow looks set like yet another long day.



2 thoughts on “Sleep?

  1. Tok says:

    LOL that tongue is awesome :D

  2. na says:

    HAHAHA see I knew you would appreciate the picture!!


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