My room is in a mess, everything is strewn everywhere, my books and papers are all stacked all on my chair – and yet I’m watching American Idol as I type these, and eyepower the mess in my room. I tried tidying up a little, and I really did – while listening to AI in the background, as people stumble through the auditions and I laugh my head off listening to them attempting to carry a tune.

I feel like going to K – omg. My abdominal muscles are aching after yesterday’s punishing session with Denise and Huda. Roo got it easy, because she was used to the torture we went through yesterday. I wonder if she is aching.

I should take a look at my stack of notes and books right next to me and start sorting them out. If not, I’ll never get to them and I’ve got to read my English, soon.

Just had an early morning meeting this morning and I’ve got to churn out not one, but two minutes now – one for CSC, the other for Usparks. ST, if you’re reading this, Bee Yan hasn’t sent me the soft copy template! But on the brighter side, my Friday for this week is freeee as a bird, except for that early morning (yawns) class that I have. Hurhur.

I feel like watching teevee today, because I was supposed to catch up on them over the weekend, but my weekend was packed full, unexpectedly.



One thought on “Messy.

  1. hui ru says:

    aching yes, but only in legs, that is serious, anyhow

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