Sometimes I think they are just simply a load of trouble/nonsense. Keep in mind that I have a terrible headache now, am rather irritable.

I’ve got an online buddy (audio friend) who has been bugging me the whole of today when I was online about how should he jio the girl. Pardon the crudeness of the language, this buddy very young la, still in polytechnic. First he asked me how to jio the girl, now he’s asking if he should give the girl roses and what colour/number should he give. Come on! Do your own research – the information on the internet is so vast and wide, if you really want to be sincere in giving something to your special one, I’m sure you’re willing to give an arm and leg for her, and go the extra effort. Be glad that your special one is willing to receive your present. So put in more effort, and stop thinking that females are your answers to everything, we aren’t – because we are not your special ones. I’m fine with providing the occasional advice on the forums because of the lack of female gender on the forums, but I’m not Aunt Agony when you don’t know how to voice your feelings out to your crush each time.

I’ve got my own life, my own woes and my own problems! Argh.

And, the male gender doesnt seem to know the appropriate times to try and pick the females up. When I’m listening to my music, using my IEM and busily engrossed in my book/work, its a signal to the male gender to not come near and attempt to talk to me, asking if he can share the same table where there are plenty of other empty tables all around. Go look for the empty tables, and then try talking to me when I take off my earphones. Maybe I might decide to pay more attention to you.

Guys always seem to approach me at the weirdest times ever, with the cheesiest pick up lines. There was that time when I was having chocolate for breakfast and somebody came to talk to me at the busstop at my place, and there was the other time (a loong while back) when I was in the JE library looking all lok kok and all, this guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to try this particular author. Plus yesterday there was this one person who was sitting at the next table, shooting furtive glances in my direction for a good half hour before he came over and asked if he could share my table. He ALREADY had a table – what’s wrong with him!!


Not to mention, I think my radar is telling me that another buddy was attempting to ask me to go catch a movie with him before I changed the topic so drastically to something else. Sigh.

Sometimes it’s so hard to read boys, and it’s so easy to read them sometimes. When the gut says the boy is not right for you, you know they are not right for you, and follow your gut. Look what happened to me when my gut told me one thing and I chose to ignore my gut.

It’s those that you’re unsure of, that you need to tread with caution. You’re unsure if it’s just friendship, or something more than that. This plagues us, no matter how much experience you have. Given all that has happened thus far, I don’t know what to make out of situations anymore. From the occasional flirting, to the maybe-sincere messages, I somehow lost the knack of going forward and taking the bulls by the horns. Not that I was ever proactive in the first place, I’m still a traditionalist at heart.

You know damn well what you don’t want, but you don’t really know what you want.

When Shuz and Ling came over to my place on New Year’s eve last year, we came up with a list of criteria how we want our partner to be. It was so easily to fill in the “what my boyfriend should not have/do” but we had such a huge problem trying to fill in “what my boyfriend should do”.

I’m just so drained, and tired. Am still waiting for Brandon to come for dinner in any case. I miss talking to the cat F2F, he might be better able to put some of my thoughts in perspective. Sigh.


14 thoughts on “Boys.

  1. na says:

    O M G.

    Why is he going around asking everybody about the same thing!!??!!

    And how did YOU know? LOLS.

  2. bevanchen says:

    Well, I had the seller on my msn as well. LOL

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