The importance of being Ernest!

I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to go and watch this. If we sign up soon like starting next week, THERE IS 20% OFF!!! Come on, who wants to watch this too? Glenn Goei is directing, and we’ve got people like Hossan, En Lai in the cast! It’s a comedy piece!

The synopsis goes like this:

Two dashing Romeos bend the truth to spice up their lives. Jack has invented a brother, Earnest, whom he uses to escape his dull country life, and to woo the ravishing Gwendolyn. His best friend Algernon also decides to take the name ‘Earnest’ to cosy up to Jack’s beautiful ward, Cecily in the country. When the lovers finally come together, we have two men who claim to be Earnest but aren’t, and two women who are love with men named Earnest but aren’t. So just who is in love with whom? Will Lady Bracknell find a suitable husband for her daughter Gwendolyn? And what is the truth behind the mysterious handbag?

Anybody, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease? I just realised I don’t just have one expensive hobby, musicals/dramas/theatres are another expensive hobby of mine! But hey, I’m giving CATS a miss alright, because I figured it shouldn’t be my cup of tea, and I’m not about to hop onto the bandwagon as per Phantom the last time round and laud it loudly just because its an international act coming to singapore.

SUPPORT LOCAL PRODUCTIONS – Wild Rice anyone? Teehee.

Actually, there’s another one by Toy Factory Productions – Sleepless Town, which is starting soon.

It honestly looks interesting too!! Plus, it is a pop musical. Damn – why must Peanut go trekking this weekend. I feel like asking her, especially since she is not going Denmark till late March, maybe we can take time out to watch this. Or, maybe if anyone else is interested?

Calling all couples (or wonderful male and female friends!!) – Defending the Caveman!

This looks entirely interesting tooo!!!

WHINE. Will anybody watch them with me – pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I’ve hyperlinked all of the pictures to the various sites for more information, so go take a look, and let me know which you’re up for! If everybody wants to watch one together, we shall then all watch it together!! Tralala.

Early in the morning, I should be trying to get some work done, but here am I, surfing Sistic – as usual. Hee.

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11 thoughts on “The importance of being Ernest!

  1. na says:

    hahaha niceee! I’m sure you guys will enjoy it! :D

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