What is my name?

What is my name?

This guy needs a name. He is suffering from an identity crisis.

Let’s come up with appropriate (and nice-sounding) names for him! I wanted to call him 熊熊 (name pun absolutely intended) but my sister veto-ed it. Because the fugly one below is already called 熊熊 (aka Bearbear).

Ratty Tatty Bearbear.

Ratty Tatty Bearbear.

I’m sure some of you have seen him before when you guys were at my place. I pity your eyes.


Valentines’ has been pretty special today..

Orange Roses!!

Orange Roses!!

“Giving a bouquet of orange roses could be a sign of emerging romantic feelings and the desire to move a relationship beyond the stage of friendship.” – Florapedia

I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions. Please direct the questions to me, in person. (:


Baby in the house!

Baby in the house!

And last, but definitely not the least, my baby is finally in the house! On my bed actually, but oh swooooons at the knot (did I get it right?)! It is hell lovely, even Dominic agreed as he picked the same one as I did. Though he thought I was getting it for my significant other. Why can’t I get expensive headphones for myself. -.- Had a great chat with the two Davids, missed seeing Uncle today though.


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6 thoughts on “Name?

  1. hui ru says:

    i thought you wanted sunflowers =P

  2. DoN- says:

    sigh… V day… =(

  3. Si Ying says:

    omg who is this guy in your life now? can you please stop all this’s not very helpful to people like me who doesn’t see you for months..

  4. na says:

    Well.. then that’s a blatant hint to catch up! XD
    meeeet up! :D

    you’re forever reading in secrecy lor.

  5. Si Ying says:

    Yup yup let’s meetup!! But I will be quite busy next week..catch up with you soon ok?

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