One down.

Demo group presentation down, time for individual case study assignment! Things are coming one after another, hopefully I can take a proper breather next week when the case study assignment is done submitted and over. I aim to finish it by Monday before I meet the lovelies for badminton. I don’t want the assignment to be hanging over my head while I attempt to whack shuttlecocks after such a long break from badminton.

Roo is so going to whip my ass.

Something is not right with my UM1. I might really have to bring it back to Jaben to rma it. Plus, I’m asking Uber to help me send my baby in for cooking, I might have to live without good quality music for a while! I actually brought my baby out for another walk today, am currently sitting at Cineleisure waiting for Peanut while listening to my baby and David Cook. Swoonilicious. Though the chinese singers do sound a little airier, as compared to the set I tried at Stereo.

I. Must. Burn(Cook). It.

Oh wells. We all get the idea, I shouldn’t go too much into it.

Presentation today was fun! I miss doing presentations, standing in front of an audience and talking to them, getting my ideas across to them and watch them nod and respond with agreement or not. I derive extreme energy from it and I absolutely adore standing in front of people talking to them. Am really glad that Prof liked our presentation (together with the other group) and he actually wants to invite us to re-present it again to another crowd. Wonderful! :) It feels absolutely good to have your hard work acknowledged, even though we rushed it only for one week – the ultimate procrastination.

I will finish my individual report as soon as possible, seriously. If I can manage to get it done by the weekend, even better! (continues to dream about finishing the report by tomorrow). I was actually considering doing a late night tonight, to start the engine cracking and get started with the writing, because once you start with the writing, it usually gets easier along the way as the words come to you. However, the boyf seems to put his foot down pretty strongly to that. He wants me to SLEEP. bleahs.

In any case, I have looked at the questions, and picked out the main points for about half of it. I just need to look for a little more information and I’ll be ready to start writing for a good half of it.

And I should get moving to get dinner before watching Button later. I hope I seriously don’t fall asleep because I’ve heard that it’s pretty draggy and I’m actually pretty tired. Didn’t really sleep very well last night. The hot humid days are doing me in. I can’t stand the heat – it’s too much!

Peanut is on her way, in a cab! Ta for now!

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2 thoughts on “One down.

  1. hui ru says:

    actually i was pretty amused cos i said my friend just bought the esw10 and they asked ‘WHO?’ and i said your name but they were like ‘huh?’ and jiaming went ‘sodiume’ and it was like ‘ooohhhhh’

  2. na says:

    I’m amused at the fact that everybody knows me by sodiume. hurhur.

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