I am sitting in front of the computer, with a good day for breather.

Submitted my ICT assignment this morning, cleared my English discussion forums requirement, and looked at the accounts for CSC before giving up because information is incomplete. I don’t have to worry about things for now, for the time being. I’ve got to relook at the QCE520 readings before class tomorrow, but that can be easily done before I leave for a 5 person badminton, 1 court session tonight. I wonder how can 5 people play in 1 court, seriously. I might just sit it out and watch them play. Oh wells.

The weekends should be made longer. 2 days are definitely not enough. HAHA. I’ve got to handle work, tuition and spend time with the boyf, definitely not enough. I miss the boyf already, but at least I get to see him tomorrow. (:

There’s been plenty of thoughts, but I’ve been shelving them behind my mind for the time being. Had a nice long chat with timtams last night, and we spoke about things, that I would love to pen down and make records of them for future reference, but they have slipped my mind when I woke up in the morning. I’m sure they’ll come by again.

Meanwhile, I shall go totter around the house and see what I can do.


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