Onslaught of work coming in!

This week is supposed to be the golden week where we get respites and take a break from classes as content upgrading classes have ended, main pedagogy classes have yet to start – they start next week actually. Two assignments are in sight, with their deadlines due in mid March. Projects are looming around the corner, with ICT and Ed Psych.

New classes, new assignments, more things to do.

Today after EL class, classmates were talking about the ICT assignment due tomorrow, I was actually damn glad that I’ve got it done, completed and sent! Partly I knew I was going out today and last night, hence there was the extra motivation to complete it by the weekend. With the help-push factor from the boyf, I damn well made sure I wanted to get it done as soon as possible so that I can remove the assignment out of my mind, and enjoy our very limited time together. (:

It sure feels good to stay in front of deadlines and not worry as they loom around the corners, lurking in shadows waiting to pounce on you once you let lose of the sights. I like my “things-to-do” list – it helps me keep check of what I have to do, school work and others.

I need to settle the CSC accounts, but the right people are not responding. Sometimes, you just want to get things done, but there are blockages that you can’t work around with. That’s pretty irritating, but I’ll just make do. Don’t blame me for not giving the figures in time when you are not responding to my numerous emails.

I like efficiency, because it frees up time for me to indulge in other random things, like reading forums and surfing blogs. Or simply, blog on my own blog for that matter. Hence, I can’t stand it when people are less efficient. I truly appreciate efficiency, because you don’t drag things and you get things done with the least amount of time required.


There’s grammar test next week, I think I’m going to fail it. Grammar terms still don’t quite make sense to me – I can grasp the basics, but when people start throwing fanciful terms around, my head simply swells and then everything disappears from the mind. How delightful. I hope I can survive with whatever minimal knowledge I can remember for the grammar test. Hums.

I’m pretty glad to say that I’m really enjoying the learning here currently, it feels so much better than back in school in the old days. Though I would love to have more interactive lessons for my Ed Psych, and wish that some things could be less restrictive. 3 hours per lesson (as per SMU) is too long, information overload. 2 hours per lesson are just nice!

This is such a rambling random entry, but I just felt like blogging now, before I leave the house in another 45 minutes. Onwards to seeing lovelies, boyf and fun! :D


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