When I don’t feel so good, I like to go wandering around, look see at things, and do things that make me feel happy. That was effectively what I did today, because I didn’t feel particularly good (emotionally) – I went to JP after class (I stoned through class) and I walked around. I went into places where I knew I’ll like to go, and that it’ll make me happy.

I went to check this out.

There are some pretty competitive prices at the computer shops at Jurong Point, and I’m particularly tempted by one of the bundles. Am very very tempted actually. Decided to come back and discuss with my sister, before making any hasty decisions. Should I check them out at Funan as well, or just stick to the west side with that really competitive bundle? The bundle honestly sounds too good to be true, priced at $499 with quite a number of tempting freebies. Sooooo tempted.

I really need to prioritise my wants and needs. I need a new phone – which I also checked out just now.

HTC Dream!

I dream of the Dream! Hurhur. It was absolutely a love at first sight thing. I can’t upgrade my plan now though. I absolutely adore it – out with thinking about the iPhone, in with the Dream and its Android’s interface.

I would like to get myself a 1TB HDD (non portable) to back up my data on my main PC, and a top tier pair of IEMs. I don’t think I should dream about the ES3X – it’s crazy. Ruoling was pulling me down from the eargasm I had after listening to David’s pair of ES3X – the layering, and music were such delightful beings despite my no-seal! Seriously. Maybe I’ll just look at the Westone 3s. Plus I would love to have my own DSLR, so that the boyf and I can go on photoshoots around Singapore, and shoot the sights, people and everything else.

Time and again, my wishlist doesn’t resemble a female’s wish list. But I so feel like doing some female retail therapy shopping. Shopping for clothes with Roo last evening reminded me of how badly I want to buy new clothes and revamp the wardrobe. More tops, more dresses, more gadgets.

More money please?

Plus, I would like to travel in June too.

Having too many expensive hobbies, is definitely not a good thing.

After walking into the computer shops at JP, and Singtel to touch the Dream, a cup of Java Chip from Starbucks, and a chat with Peanut ovr Google chat, I’m feeling much better about today already. (:

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4 thoughts on “Wishlist.

  1. bubbles says:

    I’m amused that I’m mentioned in 2 different ways!

  2. bigbird says:

    yo!if you want to get Wii.. there are ways to get it for below $400 for a start! don’t go to regular shops to buy it..go to http://www.qisahn.com and you’ll know what i mean. = )

  3. na says:

    but the cheaper set there doesn’t have wii sports – and we want that! then the same value one, my package is better. :P

    • Bigbird says:

      eh.. you can get the non-orginal version of Wii Sports you know… it’ll be cheaper! when i see u online i’ll share more la.

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