That I know, that I blog at a much less rate than I used to. Pretty surprising for someone who used to blog everyday.

But, gone are the days when I’ll blog every little single small detail of my life out for everybody to see. It gives room for people to wonder what I’ve been up to, and it makes wonderful conversation topics when we ultimately do meet up finally. hurhur. Nah, just kidding – I’m not that evil. But I didn’t say I wasn’t evil.

I’m just no longer the type of blogger who would blog inane details, and make it public for everybody to see, though this blog is not that public. At least I don’t put it right out in the open, hyperlinked from a particular profile for every single friend to click on and come take a look. If people happen to stumble upon it, good for them. If not, curious cats who are interested to know if I’m still blogging, may ask and I’m open to giving them the URL.

Nothing is truly private on the Internet – so if strangers are reading, hello to you – if you can ever guess my identity.

I did grapple with the idea of talking more about my boyf here, but I figured that its really just not in me to reveal all that much details about him here. Ask me in person, and you’ll get the answers, about how did he appear in my life, who is he etc – you know, all your typical questions that you’ll ask about a friend’s new significant other. (: I’ll definitely tell – no worries, and I’ll drag him along if you want to see him upclose and personal, cross examine him to make sure he doesn’t bully me – but I can attest, he doesn’t.

I’m happy, and I’m pretty sure he’s happy too. (:

Such a random entry for tonight, just came back from shopping with the boyf, and he spent more than me – surprise surprise! Well, he bought a jacket which cost 80% of my total buys – 3 pairs of shoes, 2 tops and 1 top for my mother, hence he spent more than me. Hurhur.


3 thoughts on “Sporadic

  1. Tok says:

    I wonder how many curious cats there are out there :)

  2. TeE says:

    tell me tell me! I’m the curious cat.

    Haha… internet is all about selective disclosure.

    But still, at the end of the day, just because a person’s own dirty laundry isn’t revealed doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    We all should learn to understand and accept it’s always there. ;) Judgments made (rightly or wrongly) don’t change the fact if it is there, it is there…

  3. na says:

    @ Tee: LOLS. You have the URL already lor, diaos. But I do agree with what you said, though the spreading of dirty laundry can be limited by how much you choose to expose/reveal.

    @ Tok: Now you see one more curious cat! Hurhur.

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