I wonder if she knows we are all not listening.

Sigh. Long hours today, plenty of work to do (read: a particular group project which I’ve got to do it myself) and I’m feeling drained. Should sleep less, and play abit more – I want to reenergise myself by watching movies, going for the IT fair and meeting my boyf! He’s flying off soon for 2 weeks, so I’ll have plenty time then to work on my stuffs, I guess.

I’ve never seen so many laptops open in class before. Let me count: I think I see at least 10 laptops open in class, out of a class of twenty-ish. This is happening where laptops are actually a rarity in class in school here. This is madness, and almost crazy. At least 3 people are out of class currently – at the toilet maybe? Eeeps.

I’ve been catching up on my RSS feeds this morning, reading abit of news from all over, and gtalking with Peanut.

Today is a realllly long day. On the other hand, Marley and me with Peanut tonight! Whee! (:


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