Notice my recent posts are all about being tired, drained and everything energy sapping? That’s how tired I am. Even though I woke up at 10am and just finished lunch with the family outside, now that I’m back at home in front of the computer. I feel like crawling back to bed.

Many thoughts running through the mind, maybe I’ll just note them down in point form, and ramble about them later.

  1. The WD 1TB HDD is still in its original wrapping, I should open it. I finally took it out of the wrapping and fixed it up!
  2. I should find my Olives and fix them on my new-old Atrios and try its fit. I can feel the thudthud thumping now – shiooook!
  3. My list-of-to-do is never ending.
  4. Should I then, take time out to go for the headphone meet tomorrow? Not going in the end, do work do work!
  5. The only constant thing in life is change – I can’t remember what used to lie opposite the sommerset mrt station – now its an empty space.
  6. Buildings are coming up faster than I remember them to be – Ion next to Wisma, and the one that is opposite Orchard Point.
  7. It’s odd to have my primary school teacher on Facebook with me.
  8. I still have work that is waiting for me to do, even though I said I’m not going to look at them at least for today.
  9. I think my exercise regime is going out of the window for this weekend.
  10. I just feel like sleeping.
  11. I want to watch teevee in bed.
  12. Teachable moments.
  13. Where’s the softtoy class photo Peanutto Chan? Let’s put them on FB!
  14. Wherefore art thou, Xiaohei…

2 thoughts on “Drained.

  1. hui ru says:

    what exercise regime? huda and dennise are asking for you. huda is on part time with them now.

  2. na says:

    I wanted to go this weekend. 可是大姨媽來了,有點不舒服。

    Plus I’m still trying to recover from my knackeredness. Rolled around in bed the whole afternoon reading and half sleeping.

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