to find that another group in one of my classes took our template, and some of our points to model after, in their own page.

Don’t know if I should feel pissed or flattered. I’m sure they’ll change their content, but twas rather smart of them to pick our template (together with our answers) because ours is almost done, like 95% done.

I did say I wasn’t going to touch work today right – I failed. Sigh. The list of to-do is too long to ignore. But I binged on B&Js, and I did a silly survey on FB that my sister tagged me to do. Should go read my sister’s version, it’s rather cute!

I went to look at some of them and cleared some, determined the procedure for the rest. I shall slowly start on the upcoming ones, am going to the library tomorrow to do some research for my individual Ed Psych report.


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