For the love of my life

I cannot fathom how people feel more refreshed after an exercise.

After the run and the nice cooling bath, all I want to do now is to snuggle into bed with my book, read and fall asleep.

After a good slightly more than 3 weeks of inactivity, I decided to go for a quick half hour run around the neighbourhood and I nearly died. Partly because I saw my parents on my way back, when we were at least about more than 0.5km and a traffic light apart and I attempted to chase after them, to no avail. That really took the wind out of me. They took a different bend and by the time I rounded the bend, I lost sight of them.

And just to go for this run, I had to put on contacts and then dispose them when I was bathing. What a waste. Now the idea of lasik is really lingering around the mind, and June would definitely be a good time for Lasik, if I intend to go through with it.

Despite the talk of giving up on the idea of travelling with the girls over dinner at Brewerkz last Friday, I’m still itching to travel. To leave Singapore temporarily and see different things outside – partly it could be due to the people around me who have been travelling – the boyf who is currently in Canada for almost two weeks, Eileen being in Europe and Peanut going to Denmark, then Japan. To have one entire month free with absolutely nothing on the mind (except for the impending practicum in July) – that should be a delight for travelling, isn’t it. But instead, I can’t seem to find anybody who is willing to travel with me.

Nada, zilch. It’s quite dampening and sians, truth be told. I would want to try travelling alone, but the parents and boyf are not very for the idea of me travelling outside, alone. I got to speak to him this afternoon (squeals like a little girl – he showed me around his upgraded suite that had an attached kitchenette!) via video call and I bounced the idea of him – he didn’t sound particularly excited about the idea of me travelling alone.

I still want to travel, I still want to go out there and take a look. I’ve always wanted to be the traveller, but 總得有個伴,才比較好玩。難道真的不能自己一個人出去走走嗎?嘿。



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