by my laptop. The skinny thin one that is mostly the envy of all other laptops due to its insane lightness and wonderful portability. I thank thee for the full sized keyboard.

Anyways, when it started up at Starbucks today, its memory was running at nearly 100% and I could not figure out what on earth was eating up so much memory. And I’m going dead broke for the month – my sister dragged me out for an imprompt shopping trip at Bugis last night after her interview at SSC and I spent 80sgd on 5 pieces of clothes – a dress (20sgd), 2 tops (10 and 22 respectively), a pair of 3quarts (10) and a skirt (18). Plus I treated her to mudpie at NYDC and I had dinner there..

To think I thought I’d be saving money when the boyf is not around. More spending later when I meet ST for dinner, and dinner+Howl at the moon with Peanut tomorrow. I should not do much over the weekend, I should focus on my individual paper for Ed Psych, better get this hefty chunk of 55% out of the way to the best of my ability. On top of the accounting worksheets I have to set, right. At least I have a 3 day week next week, because its e-learning for the modules on Monday and Tuesday, but that means I have to grapple with the podcast assignment for Comns over the weekend as well, and the group assignment for Ed Psych 2.

Who said NIE was a honeymoon route? It feels more and more like SMU to me, the on slaught of reports and individual assignments. Pwoah.

But I do reckon I like to do research. The process of sifting through information from various sources like books and the Internet, trawling through journals and reading up on the materials before sitting down and doing the proper writing. Another thought – I need to do Ed Psych 2 individual reflection by next week as well.

Enjoying my new-old Atrios at Starbucks now – I think I’m a total Atrios convert. I might just stick to them for the rest of my life, I truly enjoy its thud thumping bass, its uber shiok and sinful really. Trying to get some self directed readings done before the long boring meeting at CSC later (sorry ST – we know its long overdrawn and boring!). The meeting just drags on forever – who knows, maybe I might get some work done later during the meeting, but I’ve yet to settle the accounts too. Humms.

6 more days till the boyf comes home! Missing his presence terribly. The weekend felt emptier with his absence. At least there are classes and distractions during the week, plus I’ve been catching up with Peanut quite abit too. (: And then the girls go get durianmad on coming Monday, which so happens to be Roo’s 22nd birthday too – what do you want dear?

I’m contemplating making a second trip back to Taiwan this June, just Taipei only. I think Taiwan is a lovely place and I dont’t want it to be marred by the events that happened last year during the same time. So I might want to go back, cover similar and different places and truly enjoy it at the pace I want to enjoy it. Away with the memories of crying along the streets of Taiwan with strangers stopping to offer tissue and making sure that I was alright in the middle of the roads in Taipei – we welcome the wonderful memories of beautiful scenery and lovable food and shopping.

Yea I think I might just do that. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, probably 5d4n and I’ll see if my sister or the boyf has a schedule that I can work with. Or maybe even the parents – I do know for a fact that my dad would love to visit Taiwan, he has been a couch tourist of Taiwan with his constant viewing of Taiwanese variety shows at home on cable. If none of them are available, my mum has agreed to me visiting Taipei myself, because she feels that since I’ve been there before, hence she would be less worried as compared to if I were to take on Aussie myself. She even said she won’t have any qualms about me travelling Shanghai myself.

I shall continue to contemplate. Meanwhile, back to work before meeting Mr Ler for dinner – no more Old Town please!


4 thoughts on “Perplexed

  1. hui ru says:

    you mean he keeps making you eat at old town? anw i would travel with you BUT i have internship. monday what time are we meeting arh? not too early i hope.

  2. na says:

    mmm. 630? I think. Any time you’re convenient to come down la. (:

    and yes, ST has a special love for Old Town. LOLS.

  3. hui ru says:


  4. na says:

    Good question – I have no idea where. Around the area, say Orchard? I’ll confirm with you again.

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