Feeeeeeeeeeeling good.

Striked off two main assignments off the checklist today – completed the pairwork podcast with Karen in school today and done my reflection on the bus on my way down to town to meet Peanut for Hoooooowl at the Moon and it was a pretty interesting experience! We both agreed that it didn’t feel as though we were in Singapore anymore – I felt as though I was transported to another country all together, and the comedy was alright – we couldn’t catch 1/3 of it and didn’t understand some of them.

The free drinks at Starbucks after that was pretty fun though. Plus the chat!

[Announcement to Roo&Sy – we’ve decided to meet at 645 at Wheelock on Monday for dinner before going for duriandurian at Goodwood thereafter. I should be there earlier, Borders is always a very huge draw for me wheeee!]

And I shall sleep with a really light heart tonight, wake up to fight the accounting worksheets and Ed Psych individual assignment tomorrow. Am so damn envious of those who finished their presentation this morning. Urgh.

Edit: I adoreadoreadore charming bald guys. I have this humongous growing crush on Howl’s dueling pianist Jamie Mahn that grows enormously by the day for every minute the boyf is not back. Teehee. He can sing, he’s funny and he is bald!!!  Okay I can’t help it. Swooooons.


6 thoughts on “Wonderful!

  1. hui ru says:

    EH. i wonder whatever happened to your one chapter long story.

  2. sy says:

    okie dokie.. see u guys at wheelock tmr… what are we eating for dinner?

  3. boo says:

    too bad jamie’s not working there anymore…he sure was a cutie!

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