Was being a little emotional this afternoon when talking to the boyf over msn, and he was rather adorable. I mentioned that I was jealous and envious of those frequent travellers who get to move around, and nobody is available to travel with me during June when I have loads of time to spare, with the fact that I’ve always wanted to see the world, but had no chance.

(1:57 PM) Ban Xiong: hmmm. envy? i guess it’s only human
(1:58 PM) Ban Xiong: like how i covet your phone?
(1:58 PM) Weina (娜): but you always say my phone fat!
(1:58 PM) Weina (娜): im proud of my phone though.

(1:58 PM) Ban Xiong: i’m trying to make myself feel better
(1:59 PM) Ban Xiong: i know you are darling
(1:59 PM) Ban Xiong: nothing i say can make you feel bad about it

I was inwardly smiling to myself after that. (: Thanks darling for the pitch of confidence.

Onward with work!


7 thoughts on “:)

  1. bubblised says:

    me would loves to! does that helps a bits? =/

  2. hui ru says:

    you make it a weekend trip i confirm try to go haha.

  3. na says:

    LOLS weekend trip, where can we go?

  4. bubblised says:

    go travel!

  5. bubblised says:

    road trip. think road trip! >.<

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