David Garrett

I’ve never ventured into classical before, but for once I dipped one tiny toe into the album of this guy, and I’m sold.

Check out Smooth Criminal (later half of the video)!

Granted, this is a marriage of pop with classical but my attention was instantly caught when I heard his version of Smooth Criminal in That CD Shop while I was waiting for Peanut yesterday evening. It was so slick, I never knew violins could sound so vivacious and impressive. When I was giving it a closer examination to the tracks on the album, I kept wondering how pop classical could sound on my ESW10. I haven’t tried it yet, will probably try it later tonight after my date.

I am definitely impressed and totally sold. There are several other tracks in his Encore album that the mainstream listeners might be interested in, say Summertime and Ain’t no Sunshine. I totally adore the combination of genres, like how I have a CD, Pops in Bossa – where as self explained, its a marrying of pop music with bossanova style.

I’ve been buying a number of albums recently, probably about 1-2 every month, which is really fun because these are new found music that I’m slowly dipping my fingers and toes into. So fun so fun so fun!


2 thoughts on “David Garrett

  1. Tok says:

    *pokepoke* I also want :P

  2. na says:

    @ Tok: Okays! :D

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