How to get A+ in SMU

I nearly died laughing watching this. But this is eerily true as well.

Seriously, no joke. Part truth anyways.

Dead beat tonight, shall do work tmr! I will wake up early to do work. :P


3 thoughts on “How to get A+ in SMU

  1. borncynic says:

    I think the week 1 is really true. And disgusting. Haha.

    I only partially guilty of week 2 (if doing CP counts as being guilty) and week 8 on occasions leh. Haha.

  2. na says:

    yesss I know week 1 is absolutely true – think Lawrence.

    You mean you seriously disappeared in Week 8 before?

  3. borncynic says:

    Disappeared as in not doing what I was expected to at times lar… or procrastinate too long. Haha.

    Lawrence ah… marketing project we grouped with one NTU exchange student. Then he was lamenting exchange student unreliable. Turned out she helped out the most (really damn thankful for her presence), while Lawrence did next to nothing.

    I can only pray for him. Not a bad person, who wants to dominate, wants to be the alpha male, but always deliver next to nth when the crunch comes.

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