Eeerily scary.

I had a really long day today, emotionally spent and drained. So I thought I’d rest early, hence I didn’t do any work.

Just a few minutes ago, someone texted me this, “You must have had a long day. Have a good rest! (: ”  and the number was a number that I didn’t have. So I thought to myself, who on earth would know that I’ve had a long tiring day and all I want to do now is to sleep? So I replied and asked who it was – apparently it’s my NIE classmate’s friend who approached me a long while ago via sms for his financial agent project (I have no idea what on earth was that) and I pulled out on the meet up because I double booked myself on the same time and day, and I did not reschedule with him after that.

I was freaked out when he replied that it was him. How would he know how my day was?!

My mind is running in overdrive. Not good when I’m emotionally down.

This has got to be a coincidence. He is just following up. I’m thinking too much.


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