As I was about to get down to doing some work this morning, I realised to my dismay that I had 15 minutes left before I had to start preparing to go to school.


This is the main reason why I really don’t like noon/afternoon classes. By the time I wake up and get around to doing something, its almost time for me to leave the house. By the time I get home from classes, there’s too little time to sit down and do something worthwhile before its time for dinner.. Thus, the only time I can properly get work done would be at night, and I’ll have to stop myself from going online onto msn because I’ll just unleash the demon onto myself. 

Like what I did last night, and ended up talking to Roo, WH, YX, BX, Timtams. Rahhhhs. Not that I don’t want to talk to these guys (in fact I loveee talking to these guys) but my productivity just went downhill. 

But did you know how tiring coming up with worksheets can be? 


There are so many things I would like to do, catch up with friends, do something that is not work related, clear the CSC accounts but there is just too much stuff, too little time. I want to go down for diving training and kaypo into ST/Roo’s training! I want to be able to go off to Bintan without having things hanging over my head, I want to go walk around Adelphi and audition CD players with speakers, I want to plan Taiwan for family! I want to spend more time with friends and boyfriend (not that he is that free, his social calendar is packed for the next three days). 

So many things to do, so little time. 

In the meantime, Restaurant City is up and my restaurant is back in swinging action!


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