Was looking through old blogs, and stumbled upon this, that ST left on my blog a while back.

Don’t think that no one loved you,
because they’ve turned away.
Don’t feel they didn’t care for you,
because they couldn’t stay.
Don’t damn the world for not returning
the love you feel you’ve given.
Don’t hate the one that you were yearning for,
because he couldn’t make a commitment.
Just think of him as experience,
and think how much you’ve grown.
Think of your plans of now and forever,
and hold them in your heart.
And remember that you do have friends
Who will walk the mile with you.

Through thick and thin.

-adapted from unknown source.



One thought on “Sunflowerfield.

  1. BigBird says:

    Yo..i rem when i sent it to you. glad it is still meaningful. = ) Jiayou on clearing your mountain of work. Remember, you can’t clear them, burn them. Burn the mountain.. burn… BURN!

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