is really microblogging. 

When I was out for a very short while to watch BX have dinner, when I was waiting at the traffic light to cross the road, I was wondering why my tweets weren’t updating on my G1. So I was fiddling around with it, and was tempted to tweet about it. Then it dawned upon me that Twitter is actually currently acting like my on-the-go notebook, allowing me to take down random notes while I’m on the go, and having access to mobile internet. 

Very fun. (: 

And I just finished 50% of my online worksheets (1 out of 2). Am pleased with self, because I just need to pretty up the web quiz for that, and come up with another for my powerpoint game/content generator quiz. Then I’ll be done with the assignment required for Thursday’s submission. 

Then I’ll need to look at the POA marketing kit, and my microteaching of 7 minutes for next week. Plus my ATM. And the others that are due in the second and third week of May respectively. After the week of 18th, I can literally smell freedom for about a month or so. That’s when I have major plans in the pipelines. I can continue to dream about those plans. 

Bintan did me good. We had a wonderfulwonderful time chilling and relaxing, not giving too much thought to what we chose to do, and things went very very smoothly. Spent the bulk of our time at the beach, floating in the sea and watching the people frolick by the beach. Nirwana Beach Club was fantastic, it was as though we had our very own private beach by our cabana with the few people that were at the beach. There was life, but not overwhelming. 

Though there were disgraceful Singaporeans around. How sad. 

Overstuffed ourselves at the Kelong restaurant for dinner and had drinks by the beach. It was really nice and romantic. (: The sunset was pretty, we missed the sunrise because we were being lazy pigs. The aura javanese spa package at Aura was good, we didn’t spend too much on food thankfully. Wayy better experience at Nirwana as compared to Bintan Lagoon. 

The wonderful relaxing weekend helped alot in productivity today. Hope this good roll will continue for this week as I fight the mountain that seems to have shrunk into a hill after the completion of several tasks today. I should work more when I feel this good. (:

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