Marketing Kit.

Wanted to do ATM in the morning, but inspiration wasn’t hitting. 

So I decided to focus on another task on hand and do up the marketing kit required for submission next Wednesday. I came up with this funny little thing. 


Came up with this nifty little comic strip using Comiclife, and it was pretty fun and easy to work with! Am I plugging this nifty software, I guess – because comic making has been simplified so much now! There are so many functions to play around with, it really brings out the essence of making comics. 

Comic making can be used in so many aspects! I can even make one simple one just for fun, for blogging purposes and anything else. We decided to make use of it to make publicity flyers to introduce POA to students, and we were introduced to Comiclife during ICT lesson – the wonders of technology. 

Now, I’m wondering if I should think of another storyline to make another comic, or use Prezi to do up an innovative slideshow for the marketing kit. Shall try and make life easier for Cheryl and me, aims to clear this by today if I can. 

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