The cat is going. 

Envious, thoroughly envious. 

He has decided to use his IOU left over from last Christmas on me. He wants to use it over a duration – the month of May. 

Quoted as per his text, he said,

“… For the month of May, each time you feel stressed… Cannot! Must think of meadows and rainbows and butterflies and bunnies.. And eggs cooked in every way.”

I LOL-ed at the last part “eggs cooked in every way”. 真不愧是超要好的朋友,還記得我喜歡吃雞蛋!

I’ll miss hanging out with you, talking about everything and anything! But I’ll take comfort in the fact that you’ll be back in August, and MY POCKYS (mango and milk tea please thankyou. I’ll haunt you for it on FB.). 

You asked me to take care, and I will. 
I’ll ask you to take care, and you better do.

The bambi-eyed zombie will miss pulling your random whiskers! 


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