Top hash in Twitter world today, wow.

We’ve had a field day on Twitter where I got my pseudo live telecast on Twitterfall about #awaresg. The tweets are still coming in! Through Twitter, Pokupine got to hear about it through me because I was tweeting, and Derek thought I was at Suntec – when in actual fact I was struggling with my accounting lesson plans and watching Twitterfall at the same time.

As we all could see, Twitterfall got more of my attention. Plus I was texting Ling at the same time, she was there at Suntec!

It’s amazing to see how social media got involved. Joe Augustin was tweeting, so was Cruz Teng (YES 933 DJ) – I’m following him! Some of my classmates were tweeting all about it too, in fact one went down to the EGM towards the evening when the votes were being counted! I was following it on my Dream when I met the boyf for dinner and I was keeping him updated (though he can’t quite be bothered about it).

Apparently, teeshirts are made from quotes by the new (old?) Exco, the most famous being “Shut up and sit down”. If anyone is keen, here’s the link!

Alot of information can be gleaned from the tweets, so go skim through them – you’d be amazed at the amount of information and the past on-goings for the whole of this afternoon and evening.

#awaresg, wow.

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