Was reading today’s Lifestyle and having my breakfast when I stumbled upon this particular article on American Idol (ooh hell yea!) and open-mindedness.

In short, Fiona Chan (the columnist) was talking about her initial hate for American Idol, and one of her friends “accused her of being an Idol bigot”. He had said that she thought she was so openminded, but she wasn’t willing to try new things to change her ideas on anything. To that, she continued to talk about her new found love for American Idol and all other reality shows (hell yea!), and the subsequent links to the AWARE saga and her new found enlightment.

She ended off with this statement – “taking an interest in something you habitually disregard as unimportant could well lead to meaningful discoveries – and true open-mindedness”.

I liked her article, alot.

It reflects very critically of how people pass judgements without trying things out before, and self claim that they are being very liberal and openminded. In some ways, I’m guilty as charged. I can think of the times I refused to go to a restaurant because I heard that it wasn’t fantastic and I didn’t want to waste my money on eating something that is not fantastic. Who am I to say that they are not good if I haven’t tried them before?

Same goes to all the reality tv show haters out there, who are you to judge and say that programs like American Idol and Survivor is all but a bunch of bullshit and nothing real in it? You can say that you don’t like it because it is not your cup of tea but you cannot diss the show by saying that it is not real. It is literally real, because it is a game show, the only probable unreal facts would only surface if you choose to take the tv show at superficial glances, without attempting to read into the tv editting and infer from the show footages. Nobody is asking you to understand the show literally.

But I digress.

I liked the way she talked about the AWARE saga, how in the past she would have just stuck with supporting the old guard and dissing the new guard. Now, she wrote that she had really thought through each group’s position and did not make snap judgements based on their religious affliations. I like that – if only there was a “Like” button on the papers like how it is on Facebook. Honestly, I feel that this AWARE saga has done us some good, not all but some. It made people stand up for their own rights and ideals (as opposed to “shut down and sit down”) and want to do right for our society by voting in the guard that they believe in.


There has got to be a “however” somewhere. However, there are also plenty of people who are not quite sure of the happenings and jump into the chaotic mess and insist they have a very clear idea of what is happening (based on the very skewed reporting in the papers and media, and plentiful rumours flying around on the Internet), thus they make their judgements from there. Is this really the kind of citizens we want, those who make uninformed (or ill-informed) decisions OR they simply go with the flow and support the old guard simply because the new guard appeared to be behaving outrageously? I am quite sure there were many of them out there, who haven’t thought through the actions of the new guard, and why they have chose to do things their way. Some might say that the evidence is overwhelmingly against the new guard, or that actions speak louder than words, but have you truly put yourselves in their shoes?

As I sit down and process my thoughts for this piece of writing, I came to realise that I actually admire the new guard for standing against the crusade to bring them down, and hold strongly to their ideals and what they stand for. I will not want to go into the actions of what they did because I do not have a clear understanding of the exact happenings, and honestly, nobody would unless you are one of them, or part of the old guard, or have been a member since a long time ago (and not a sudden member simply because you want to vote).

The voices for the old guard were strong yesterday, but in order to withstand the ordeal of dealing with the people and the media for the past 3 weeks, the new guard must be firmly standing up for their own ideals as well. Perhaps, there are other reasons as to why they are standing so strong for their ideals, but that strength of theirs deserve to be admired as well.

Again, I digress.

Being open-minded is not an easy thing to do, and the term is very often overused. There are so many extreme views out there, but have you really thought through both positions before taking a stand, or are you just blindly taking a stand because you feel strongly for it.

Are you truly being open-minded?

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4 thoughts on “Open-mindedness.

  1. borncynic says:

    I personally think the mainstream media switched sides. All along, the mainstream media has been quite sympathetic to the Church, since the time of 377A. With the exception of Jenadas Devan’s highly subtle and sarcastic figurative commentary, editors like Chua Mui Hoong and Andy Ho have always spoken on the side of the Church. A page 2 commentary recently has even cited’Christian Taleban’ remarks as disturbing, and hinted that the new guard should be given a chance, and the voting results were constitutional.

    Actually, I was pretty reserved, until Thio Su Mein appeared on front page. Her arguments and accusations were remarkably bad. And she dare to boast herself as an ex-Law Dean….

  2. borncynic says:

    and when TSM came out as ‘Feminist Mentor’ behind the scenes (esp with her and her daughter’s reputation), there was no question that it had been something planned and orchestrated… that was the turning point. The other little news became insignificant in a way.

  3. jin says:

    check this video out. i think it suits your topic.

  4. na says:

    oooh wow. i didnt know the youtube link would show up as a video embedded!

    thanks jin!

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