Am so goddamn stressed, with the workload and nothing ever seems to get done.

I am sick and tired of looking at my ATM, so are my fellow classmates. Everything is all over the place!

It doesn’t help that I keep meeting with stupid customer service from the Acer and Citibank call centres. Service is entirely horrible. What happened to making it convenient and easy for your customers? You mean to say I have to fill in a friggin form for you and walk to a post office to send it off to you because I wanted to raise a contention point in my credit card bill?

Stuff you, Citibank.

Rahs. Am pretty roaring mad. I do not have the time, nor patience to do that for you.

In fact, I am making an official announcement that I’m going to be incommunicado until I finish my assignments at the end of next week. Meaning, if it is not school/work related, I will not be responding to any other emails/texts/messages until I’m fully done. This also means that I will not be available for any meetings, gatherings or catching up if it is not school/work related.

It sounds extreme, but it is necessary for me to keep focused. Stop disturbing me with everything else at this time!

Am extremely frustrated and irritated.

Feeling the extreme urge to game all of a sudden, am going to pre-order the Sims 3 when I am free from all the work and assignments. I want to game so bad, just to destress. My only form of destressing at the moment, is to cry and let the tears flow free. If not, I feel extremely suffocated with all the pent up stress and emotions.

Rahs. The bambi-eyed zombie extends her claws, ready to swipe at any incoming interference that sets her on fire.


One thought on “Stressed.

  1. bubblised says:

    don’t spit fire on meeeeee >.< last 90 seconds to say ganbatte before internet goes!

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