I have finally completed what I need to do, sloppy job or not. Enough to pass hopefully, I’m too tired to be making last minute redecisions and doubting what I’ve completed. 

I. Just. Want. To. Hand. THEM. IN. 

Tonight is the first night in a long while that I don’t have things on the list that is undone and urgently waiting for me to complete it. Tonight is the first night, I can choose to lie in bed and not move, and watch the most updated Survivor episode, which coincidentally is the finale night. 

Aww shucks JT won. Its not a “damnit” reaction, but I was rooting for the underdog Stephen, as usual. He was pretty witty and strategic. Oh wells.

Brain’s not functioning too well, my thoughts are not coherent, I think I shall have an early night. Yawns. 

Goodnight world, you’ve been kind to me, after K&I churned out 144 pages for our pairwork teaching module. We are awesome man.


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