Splurge out!

I’ve blown wayyyy too much money this weekend, but it was fun, like really fun.

I’ve missed the times of roaming in a bookstore for wayy too long a time, at my own pace when I have the luxury of time. I treated Kino like the library and carted home 6 books over 113sgd, and then proceed to spend another 148sgd at G2000 just yesterday on working clothes. Not to mention the amount I’ve spent on food!

I feel as though I am trying to make up for the amount of time I did not spend playing for the earlier part of May.

Now, that is a non issue. (:

Came back from an interview in the morning, and sat down to settle my loose ends, like preparing for Gesl this coming Saturday by sending emails and texts (I’ll be in the east tomorrow and thursday for abit around noon time!), settling the CSC stuff by filling them in and sending them off, settling my claims (yes I am claiming for my books and Kino privilege card).. and they are all pretty much settled. Yay!

Might be jetting off to Batam or Phuket over one of the weekends in June, might be. Might be jetting off to Tioman for another, might be. And amidst all these, I’ll be heading to Taipei for a short trip in the earlier part of June with my family – oooh slurps food! It was hilarious when I asked the girls last night what would they want from Taipei and you should have heard the choruses of 太陽餅,黃黎囌.. It was pretty amusing.

Anybody want anything else from Taipei?

This may look like a month long holiday, but I’m betting that time will fly, in the middle of trying to set an exam paper as one of my assignments, practising on content and questions, and learning new things in the process.

Onwards with holidays, movies, teevee, books and everything else under the sun!


3 thoughts on “Splurge out!

  1. hui ru says:

    i want those again! PLUS. i want wuxiaxiaoshuo! beams.

  2. na says:

    those again? what is the those?

    ehh wuxiaxiaoshuo in taiwan not cheap. should get uncle tok to buy from shanghai shucheng, that one alot cheaper..

  3. hui ru says:

    taiyangbing etc. =P darn, but then.. UNCLE TOK!!! haha.

    remember to buy your games though! and i got two more unique packs today! of cards!

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