Gesl day!

Am mobile blogging on 506, as I rock my way home on the bus. So tired after a near 7 hours of gesl activity in the east. I hope this spells the end of my travelling to the east almost a daily basis. My butt aches from the long mrt ride from pioneer to bedok.

But it was fun, having fun at the carnival and the students. I couldn’t finish spending my 30bucks worth of coupons though. I bought a lot of pens for friends who wanted to come, but was unable to come :) I’m sure a lot of you had wanted to come, but couldn’t make it for various reasons teehee.

This experience made me remember why I had wanted to teach in the first place. Pingyi, is a really nice school and the students whom I was working with, were wonderful :)

Am feeling so tired, and I’m not looking forward to getting home and finding my downtime modem. I need my internet fix. Doesn’t matter, at least I still have my g1. (: the total number of hours I slept over the last 2 days can be equated to the number of hours I slept when I was in school, how ironic.

Shall go take a nap now on 506, its already on the expressway, really fast!


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