Flying off – soon!

Wheeeee I fly tomorrow, back to the lands of delightful crazy sinful food, and books and clothes to buy. Shopping time! 

The last few days have been phenomenal – having delightful morrocan food with BX under the starry skies (before realising that the dive school was closed for the evening), hanging out with Brandon and queueing up in the snaking queues of people at Iluma before watching him kill Sims at the National Library, going on a dicewalk with Ling yesterday and spending the later half of the afternoon chilling out at the cosy little corner at The Coffee Bean talking till the cows came home. Amidst all that, staying in virtual Sims world trotting down the streets of Sims and trying to make my sims become the emperor of evil and an accomplished author. 

Life has been pretty good thus far. Am feeling a little tired from all the going out, so today is just a simple day of running errands, and perhaps joining Ling and Shuz for dinner in the evening. 

A dicewalk is really really fun! We’re thinking of doing the more complicated one, that involves public transport – perhaps sometime next week. (: 

In the meantime, I’ll be away from 5th June to 8th June (ME BIRTHDAY!) and I promise I’ll be back with lots of food for everybody!


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