Back at home, again.

For the second time in the holidays, I’d say. 

Batam was entirely wonderful, and I must say Harris Batam was a very very pleasant experience – especially its spa! The seafood was sinfully cheap – 15sgd per person, and we were satisfied, though thankfully not burpingly full. The only not so pleasant thing, was probably the ferry rides. 

This was a really really nice time with the girls (: And if everything goes well, this coming weekend would be for the boyfriend. The poor boyfriend has spent 2 consecutive weekends alone in Singapore. Am feeling a little guilty already. Humss. He has been getting the shorter end of the stick during this period of time with me, and I feel guilty! But we went to JP for dinner+shopping (he spent more than I did – but I bought more things!) and it was awesomely cute watching him go on a sugar high. Hurhur. 

Alrights eyes are feeling tired, am feeling rather tired, shall retire to bed while listening to my 6CD 國語經典101最愛戀曲. I bought this at random when we heard the songs while we were shopping in Popular for me to get some stationary for the CSC filing. And, I can bet with my 6CD that most of you out there, would want a piece of this 6CD. I bet. 


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