Eye drops

by the dozen, by the minute. Sigh. 

Stark realisation that I haven’t been allowing myself the negative feelings to be purged out on the blog, for some reason or other that I can’t quite pinpoint. And I wonder to myself, why haven’t I been able to allow the negative emotions to be mentioned. By negative, I don’t quite mean the angsty angry ones, I mean the sadness and emotional ones. 

Like how I worry about my post-Lasik eyes and that they are too dry and regression has occurred in the right eye, such that the doctor prescribed more medication that burnt a hole in the wallet, and put additional stress and worry on the owner of the post-Lasik eyes. Had I not reflected and thought about the sadness emotions when I was walking from Wheelock to Far East to get my charboiled chicken salad lunch from Carls’ Junior, I won’t have mentioned it on the blog. 

And I wonder why. 

People say that negative emotions keep people at bay, so does that equate the same to blog readers where negative emotions on the blog keeps readers at bay too? Mmm I wonder. 

Spent the afternoon finishing up The First Assistant by Clare Naylor and it’s a wonderful read – her take on the Hollywood industry is so griping andhilarious, you can’t help but continue reading it until you finish the whole book. That was how i felt when I finished reading The Second Assistant, the first in the two-book series, and thereafter went on a witchhunt for The First Assistant

Try finding them in our public libaries when you have the time, girls! Don’t think the boys would much fancy such books. 

I look forward to the day (which is actually tomorrow) when I can allow water contact with the eyes, and give my face a proper pampering and finally bathe without goggles. My face is feeling extremely off, and I just splurged on Faceshop yesterday, making full use of the birthday discount that I was actually entitled for a good 2 weeks and yesterday was the last day. Damnit, don’t you say. 

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2 thoughts on “Eye drops

  1. bubblised says:

    take care of your 灵魂之窗!

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