Back, for the last time.

Did you read the papers, that schools will resume as per normal next week? Damn there goes my potential possible extra one week break before hell breaks loose. Oh wells. Therein starts my 10 weeks of fear/stress/exciting moments of my life. But that’s next week and today is only Tuesday. I still have 5 more days to go, and one exam paper that is due next week, which is untouched. Terrible, I am.

The plan was to start yesterday but I was just too plain lazy. Was watching some tv, finished a book and the boyf tempted me over for a movie after dinner.

Gulps. I had better start on it today. I should. I sound as though I’m convincing myself.

The weekend trip was amusing, to begin with. We thought the destination was Pulau Tioman, but we ended up at Dayang. Along the way, we had our doubts because one of the dive masters (DM) teased us with the locations and we really was a little lost. As dawn broke and we stepped out of the ferry that ferried us for 3 hours in the wee morning in really choppy waters (I’m amazed I didn’t puke), the boyf took a good look at the surroundings and declared that we were at Dayang and not Tioman.

There went our hopes of getting twin accomodation and more things for me to do, as a non diver. Simply because Dayang is a divers location through and through. 99% of the people go there with the notion of diving in mind – I was the remaining 1%, with the other non diver a fellow dive group member’s mother, but she could still snorkel!

Damn the lasik, but never mind. It was still a whole new experience for me, watching the various dive groups operate, understanding how the diving schedule works, listening in to the instructions given to the divers and watch them carry their diving equipment, and socialising with the DMs and other divers in the dive group. Plus the beach at Dayang was astonishingly beautiful, with its crystal clear waters. I could see fishes, colourful fishes as I sat on the dive boat watching the peaceful surroundings and waiting for the divers to come back from their first dive session of the trip. The water was breathtakingly beautiful, and I wondered to myself what marine life could lie below the surface of this crystal clear waters.

It makes me want to master swimming, so that I can learn diving, one day. Partly so that we both can have a common activity to love, and that in future if we were to go for dive trips I won’t feel so left out and bored out of my wits, that I can share in the joys of watching marine life at home and seeing the various underwater.

I want to see Nemo. Hurhur.

The Blue Reef people were really nice, with the DMs’ continuous teasing of how they want to see me go for the open water course the next time they see me. Makes me want to learn diving that much more, but that means I really need to get my swimming skills up to standard first.

Plus, James (a diver) could not stop talking about the mecca of diving – Sipadan, off the eastern coast of Borneo located in the Celebes Sea.

Ive read that vis can go up to 50m!

I've read that vis can go up to 50m!

Not to mention, the resorts at the neighbouring islands look fantastic! Alternatively, you can live on the oil rig, and dive right off the drilling platform! It’s totally phenomenal.

Seaventure - the transformed oil rig!

SWV on Mabul Island

SWV on Mabul Island

Kapalai Island Resort

Kapalai Island Resort

It’s crazy but it’s really damn gorgeous. I think I’m half tempting the boyf to dive more often, to chalk up experience and get housing for his camera before he comes to Sipadan.

In the meantime, I’ll be a couch diver – by surfing the Internet and satisfying myself with the pictures. :)

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