Wednesday – mid week!

We’re hitting mid week! Like, this week is fast because Monday was a school holiday.

I finally get to re-enjoy Youth Day, how funny is that. And it’s 7ish am in the morning, that bit I know. But my brain is not quite ready to start working yet, hence I’m blogging. Just called up HWH to solve his codec problem, only to find him on his way to work as well.

So sleepy early in the morning and this is such a random entry. Blah.

I know I haven’t been putting in good entries, but if you’re going through what I’m going through now – waking up at 515 every morning, and leaving school at about 4ish, with the time spent in between going for classes, doing lesson plans and everything else, then you’d get what I mean. All I want to do nowadays when I get home, is sleep.



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